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Disabilities - Daniel J. Vance

  • Week Two with Journalist David M. PerryDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Last week, you learned about David M. Perry, a history professor who doubles as a nationally known disabilities rights journalist and activist.

  • Raising His Son with Down SyndromeDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    On his day job, 44-year-old David M. Perry of Brookfield, Illinois, is a Dominican University history professor and Medieval Venice expert

  • Teen with ASD Loves Dogs, Art, and CarsDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Kenzie Smith, 17, of Hillsboro, Ohio, was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome "three or four years ago," she said in a telephone interview

  • Mom Serves Dementia ResidentsDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Last week, I introduced you to Tish and Joe Griffin, mother and son, of Destin, Florida.

  • Mom Turns Caregiving Into CareerDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    So taken up by their moving story, I'm devoting the next two weeks to Joe and Tish Griffin, 21-year-old son and 60-year-old mother

  • Vietnam Vet Won't Seek PTSD HelpDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    My featured person this week is "Maryanne," the adult daughter of a former Marine who most likely has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

  • Cerebral Palsy Doesn't Stop CrouchDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    P.J. Crouch has cerebral palsy, which a person usually "gets" during fetal development or at birth, when brain damage permanently short-circuits the brain's ability to effectively control body coordination

  • Man Still Recovering from TBIDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Two years back, I featured Daniel Mignerey who somehow survived life-threatening injuries on February 6, 2015

  • Couple Managing Several DisabilitiesDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    In a telephone interview, 62-year-old Bernice said, "I was born prematurely and was exposed to oxygen in the incubator. The result was called retinopathy of prematurity

  • Autism: Mom Fighting Tooth and NailDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Sandra Domenech became aware of this column through a friend who read it in a Florida weekly. She said she and her 13-year-old son with ASD recently moved out of Florida

  • Disabilities: App for Managing FinanceDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    I've occasionally looked outside the United States for people with disabilities to feature, including people from Canada, Great Britain, Africa, and Australia

  • Disabilities Columnist Seeking to Break StereotypesDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    If you're brand new here, you probably have been wondering what's going on. Instead of disability-related issues, ax-grinding, or political agenda-driving

  • Raymer Searching for a Kidney Donor (Part II)Daniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Last column, you learned about 48-year-old Karen Raymer, of Hidden Valley Lake, California, who for the last five years has been searching for a kidney donor

  • Raymer Seeking a Kidney TransplantDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    All the little boy wanted for Christmas was his two front teeth. Karen Raymer of Hidden Valley Lake, California, would like just one kidney

  • U.S. Military Helped Sgt. GutierrezDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    On June 18, 2006, Sgt. Joshua Gutierrez of the 4th Infantry Division out of Fort Hood, Texas, was on patrol near Osut, Iraq

  • Man Coming to Grips with DisorderDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Our featured person this week wanted to be known as "Oliver" and his full identity hidden because of possible repercussions. He is in his 20s and lives

  • Baseball Great Should be in the Hall of FameDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    At least once annually, I offer my best "pitch" for the late, rocket-armed, speedy William "Dummy" Hoy and for his induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame

  • Student Starts Invisible Disability ClubDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    About nine months ago, I featured 22-year-old Ohio State student Harley Jo Skorpenske, whose open letter to all the people who had criticized her for using handicapped parking spaces

  • Advocate Fighting Invisible DisabilitiesDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Christy Smith of Florissant, Missouri, saw nine doctors over a three-year span beginning in 1991 before learning exactly why she had periodic, intense dizzy spells

  • Genetic Testing Could Prevent DisabilityDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Recently, I had quite an experience trying to prevent a disability or two in myself. Several years ago, I found online a genetic testing service and later another similar service

  • Double Amputee Lives for Yet Another DayDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    For personal reasons, "Billy" did not want his real name revealed here. He lives in the Midwest as a double-leg, below-knee amputee and has had more brushes with death

  • Childhood Trauma Leading to Adult DisabilityDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Many adults with disabilities may have their disabling conditions because of emotional trauma experienced in childhood, said book author

  • Allyhoos Comfort Young Hospital PatientsDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    It all began with her own physical suffering, and through this suffering she has helped heal others.

  • Harvard Law Grad with Autism AdvocatesDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    The Washington D.C.-based Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) is a nonprofit organization run by and for people on the autism spectrum

  • College Program for Students With Intellectual DisabilitiesDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    They have a residential, individualized academic program at Millersville University (Penn.) for students with intellectual disabilities, where students right now are working

  • Autism Speaks Exec Speaks Daniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Lorri Unumb of Lexington, South Carolina, is vice president of state government affairs at Autism Speaks, the world's leading autism science and advocacy organization.

  • Disability Rights Pioneer Achieving MoreDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    At year's end, Dave Reynolds of Spokane, Washington, will retire from Inclusion Daily Express, the world's only international disability rights news service

  • Woman Managing Two Mental IllnessesDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Madelyn Heslet has been diagnosed by a mental health professional with both a form of bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder.

  • Woman Fighting Body and Mind Daniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    She didn't want her real name used in print. "Mary" reads this column in a small Midwest city, has a physical disability greatly affecting her mobility, and has a mental health diagnosis of severe and recurrent major depressive disorder

  • Marriage Insight from a Sports ColumnistDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Last column, I featured Paul Daugherty, nationally acclaimed Cincinnati Enquirer sports columnist, whose daughter Jillian was born with Down syndrome.

  • One-Armed Softball Phenom: Part 2Daniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Recently, you may have read the first of two columns featuring 17-year-old Katelyn Pavey, a one-armed, fastpitch softball phenom

  • Down Syndrome: Sports Columnist Becomes AdvocateDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    As his bio states, Cincinnati Enquirer sports columnist Paul Daugherty has covered five Summer Olympic Games and "nearly every major American sporting event." He earned the AP Best Sports Columnist

  • One-Armed Softball Star ShinesDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Besides having been born 17 years ago missing her left arm from the elbow down, Katelyn made All-Conference as a junior this year in high school fastpitch softball

  • Nurse Practitioner Advises on StrokeDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    According to the National Institutes of Health, about 800,000 Americans each year experience a stroke, and those strokes "cause more serious long-term disabilities than any other disease."

  • Eye Doctor Opening People's EyesDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    His disability forced a major career change, one that has benefited thousands. Dr. John Shepherd since 2008 has been director of the Weigel Williamson Center for Visual Rehabilitation

  • Business Executive Fights DementiaDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    It was a rough transition for Paulan Gordon of Cincinnati, Ohio. She had been at the

  • Advocate Providing Dementia HelpDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    For ten years, Gary LeBlanc was the caregiver for his father, who had Alzheimer's disease before passing away in 2009.

  • Raising Awareness for Mental HealthDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    In the U.S., the month of May is (or was, depending on when your newspaper publishes this column) "Mental Health Awareness Month."

  • Quadriplegic Sought Help From FriendsDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    It seemed a fun summer trip for a 17-year-old gymnast. In 1994, Mike Ritter, now of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, joined a performance gymnastics team and headed to the sunny Bahamas

  • Parent Has Twin Daughters with Cerebral PalsyDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Jon Ebersole believes his 24-year-old twin daughters' shared disability, cerebral palsy, created at times a challenging experience for him

  • Creating More Inclusive Zoos and MuseumsDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Not long last week after featuring a 35-year-old man named "Tony" (a pseudonym), who became legally blind at birth due to retinopathy of prematurity (ROP),

  • Blind Friend Caught in the WebDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    My friend, who I'll call Tony (a pseudonym), age 35, said he had been able as a child to see shapes and colors, but now could sense only light

  • 86-Year-Old Advocating for Ostomy PatientsDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Even after all these years, 86-year-old Ellen Boldt keeps on trucking as an advocate for Americans that have had an ostomy

  • Antonino: You Can't Be LimitedDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    I enjoyed talking with Steve Antonino of New York City. At 29, he has muscular dystrophy, uses a power wheelchair to get around

  • Volunteers Raising Dogs for People with DisabilitiesDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    She grew up with disability being part of her life. Christina Montalbano, 24, of Middletown, New Jersey, said in a telephone interview

  • Positive Family and Friends Helping BlockDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    On April 2, 2013, Robyn Block and a friend, went skiing at Lutsen Mountain not far from the Canadian border near Lake Superior

  • Hendrickson Reconciles Disability and FaithDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Over the years, I've interviewed many people who had some challenges reconciling their intense struggles associated with acquiring and having a disability along with their faith

  • Trailblazer for Blind: Dr. Kenneth Jernigan Daniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Roseville, CA- This is that column held in reserve more than a decade, the one I'd always envisioned writing but wouldn't until now.

  • Adragna Lost Both Legs, Gained EmpathyDaniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    Roseville, CA- Christmas Eve 1995 was a day Dan Adragna of Sacramento, California, would rather forget. He was only 30, but a diabetic.

  • NY Reader Has Life Beyond MS Daniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
    A column I wrote weeks ago about the Service Dog Project (and its Great Danes) prompted responses from two Niagara-Wheatfield (NY) Tribune readers