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Disabilities - Daniel J. Vance

  • French Inspires Others to Change ThinkingDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    We both had been drinking. We fell forward and hit the pavement with his body on top of me. I broke my neck at the sixth vertebra.

  • Golf Instructor Keeps Swinging at 78Daniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    At the age of 78 and on the surface, at least, Ed Koepp seems to have gone through life effortlessly and has accomplished much.

  • Woman with Cerebral Palsy Proves Them WrongDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Sometimes the unexpected stories are best. A month or so ago, I received an email request for something completely unrelated

  • Bullers Went from Journalist to AdvocateDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Last week, I featured long-time journalist and disability advocate Finn Bullers of Kansas City, Kansas. I'm now featuring him again because of the breadth and depth of his accomplishments

  • Journalist With Muscular Dystrophy Has GritDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Early on while growing up, Finn Bullers could see he wasn't as physically adept as other children his age, but didn't know why.

  • Praying for Daniel in OhioDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    In my twelve years as a columnist featuring people with disabilities all across America, I've never once encountered a situation quite like this one.

  • California Musician Has Hearing ChallengesDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Have several years gone by since I featured then 60-year-old Alex Gutierrez of Midpines, California?

  • Family Faces Disability-Related ChallengesDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    On Christmas Eve 2014, Tommi Mclaughlin of Spearfish, South Dakota, lost her balance because of multiple sclerosis (MS), fell over backwards near the family Christmas tree

  • Father Trying to Build UnderstandingDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Joseph Hernandez of Auburn, Washington, knew before his son's birth that his son would have a birth defect, spina bifida. The only thing in doubt was whether Joseph would hang around.

  • Disabled Arizonian Affected By Chemical ExposureDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Some people say Mario Casella is nuts. I've featured him twice before, and all along have been following what has become a life-or-death struggle against

  • Disabilities Give Therapists More CompassionDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    My grandmother likely would have said Maurice Shoen has had more physical challenges than "Carter has liver pills."

  • Paranoid Schizophrenia Came on SuddenlyDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Dustin said, "And while caring for my parents, suddenly I began having delusions that I was supposed to join a secret organization and that it had something to do with the military

  • Wife Tells of Husband's ALS StrugglesDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Recently, I featured Todd Neva of Hancock, Michigan, who has been battling amyotropic lateral sclerosis (or ALS, also called Lou Gehrig's disease) almost five years

  • Business Executive Fighting Lou Gehrig's DiseaseDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    About five years ago, Todd Neva, now of Hancock, Michigan, began having trouble lifting his daughter from her carseat. Over time,

  • Father and Son Navigate AutismDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    "Jason" became personally acquainted with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) when his child, "Tommy," was diagnosed at 4. Jason, which wasn't his real name

  • Miraculous Birth and Life of JohnsonDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    An argument could be made that the life of 82-year-old Gail Johnson has been a miracle from beginning to end.

  • Brain Injured Volunteer Helping Brain InjuredDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Every year at this time, I try featuring a person who shows the spirit of the season in walking the extra mile to help people with disabilities.

  • Be a Friend This Holiday SeasonDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other year-end holidays approaching, I'm going to put an idea or two right now into your holiday pipe to smoke on.

  • Georgian Caught Between Two CulturesDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Gary Frazier and I have known each other about ten years. From Milledgeville, Georgia, he reads this column nearly every week and emails comments a couple times a year.

  • Multiple Sclerosis: Understanding and Communication ImportantDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    In 2011, Jeff Gallatin, began the process of grieving after the passing of his 72-year-old mother Carol, who had chronic progressive multiple sclerosis.

  • ADD Presents Challenge for RayDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Jeremiah Ray was diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD) in second grade. Like many people with ADD, he shows symptoms of inattention

  • Many Homeless Have Mental IllnessDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    First, it's impossible for anyone to determine, with absolute certainty, the number of homeless Americans with schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders. These good people don't wear name tags

  • JRA Not Holding Back StolbergDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Sharon Stolberg acquired JRA at age 19 months. As a child, she went from walking in braces to using a cane and then crutches to using a wheelchair by age seven. At age 11, her disease flared-up to the point she couldn't attend school for a year.

  • Disabilities: Luongo Has Miracle SurgeryDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    On Good Friday 2013, then 39-year-old Nicole Luongo of Plantation, Florida, took a step of faith. She'd had cerebral palsy since birth, had significant difficulty walking her entire life

  • Secondary Conditions Worsen DisabilityDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    A person with a disability often has more to deal with than just his or her disability. According to a study in an American Journal of Public Health and involving 2075 respondents

  • Legless Man Considers Himself LuckyDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    When I first interviewed John Tartaglio years ago, he had just been on The Opray Winfrey Show. He went on to appear on her show two more times. Soon, he will appear on the Fox News show Hannity as the first person

  • Do You Know Someone with PTSD?Daniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    From statements heard over the last decade in public, I believe I'm safe in saying a majority of Americans, if asked, would say posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects mostly men that served in the military under life-threatening conditions.Nothing could be further from the truth.

  • ReelAbilities Film Festival BloomsDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    The ReelAbilities Film Festival is the world's largest event promoting awareness and appreciation of juried international films that share the lives, stories, and artistic expressions of people with disabilities.

  • Disabilities Book Aims To Reach Christian LeadershipDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Last week, I interviewed a young lady with autism over email because she felt more comfortable with that method of communication. For a similar reason, this week, I interviewed via email Tait Berge of

  • Teen Helps Others with AutismDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Rather than be interviewed over the telephone for this column, 17-year-old Meghan Rodo of Reisterstown, Maryland, chose email.

  • Casella Not Ready to Give UpDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Mario Casella sleeps outside under the stars in Texas, getting through the night in a sleeping bag and doing what he can to survive.

  • YouTube Basketball Sensation ShinesDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Kevin Grow of Bensalem, Pennsylvania, has been the talk of his town. In a high school basketball game against the Neshaminy Redskins, 18-year-old Grow led his Bensalem Owls

  • Tada Sings Oscar Nominated Song, Doesn'tDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    The movie Alone Yet Not Alone chronicles the true, faith-filled story of Regina and Barbara Leininger surviving the eighteenth-century French and Indian War.

  • 43 Year Old with Schizophrenia PerseveringDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    He advised people with schizophrenia: "You can get through it. Where you are at now doesn't have to be that way forever."

  • Does Disability Make a Person Less Valuable?Daniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Lately, I have had a couple of eye-opening experiences about disability. For one, while looking up a number of dictionary definitions for spina bifida, I noticed each called the condition

  • College Student with Two DisabilitiesDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Lately, Daphne Frieden has felt she should have earned better grades last semester while majoring in elementary education at

  • College President Offers Disability AdviceDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    You could say Dr. Richard Davenport, has a great deal of personal experience with and an open mind toward people with disabilities, especially communication disorders, such as stuttering, and also voice challenges caused

  • Lehrer Becomes Internationally Known ArtistDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Riva Lehrer and I are the same age and grew up only three miles apart in Cincinnati. Yet our school experiences differed greatly."When our school bus went down the street, people often would scream at us,"

  • Mother Found New MeaningDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    17-year-old Alisha Pierce suddenly came down with a cold, then a fever, caught viral pneumonia, and passed away inside two days. More than three years later, her mother, Shawn Pierce, still remembers her daughter with cerebral palsy.

  • A personal experience with PTSDDaniel J Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Since 1966, I have lived with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). And, after all these years, I now have learned firsthand the difficult decision many people with mental illness face

  • Mom copes with Fetal Alcohol SyndromeDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    I won't mention her real name because "Amanda" dearly wants to protect her son, "Brent," who was born with fetal alcohol syndrome.

  • Primary Lateral SclerosisDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    Pat Croom reads this column in the New Bern (NC) Sun Journal. Not long ago, like so many others, she responded to my request asking readers to send in their personal stories about disability

  • Vasculitis and StrokeDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute website defines “vasculitis” as a fairly rare auto-immune disorder involving blood vessel inflammation that narrows, closes, or weakens certain vessels, potentially causing a number of serious complications.

  • Spina Bifida - Abigail VanceDaniel J. Vance MS, LPC, NCC
    My 12-year-old daughter, who was born with a permanent disability, is one reason I write this column. For this week only, I've decided to let her take over my job of writing. So here is what she has to say in my place.