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Roseville Crime Report Weekly Update

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The City of Roseville Police Department's weekly crime report for November 27, 2012.

Police Beat 1:  Northeast Roseville

Harding/Galleria area, shed burglarized: Between November 16 and 19,
someone broke into a shop building in the 400 block of Berry Street,
and took a leaf-blower.

East Roseville Parkway, recovered stolen vehicle and property: At 9
p.m. November 18, a police cadet came across an unoccupied car with a
broken axle, blocking a lane of traffic on Taylor Road near Eureka
Road. The cadet contacted the registered owner in Antelope, and found
that the vehicle had been stolen from in front of his house within
the previous few hours. The cadet also discovered a tool bag and
stereo face plate inside the car, which had recently been stolen from
a car in Rocklin. Neither victim knew their property had been stolen
until the cadet contacted them.

Galleria mall area, fight and later vandalism: At about 12:30 a.m. on
"Black Friday" morning (November 23), a fight broke out on the upper
level of the mall between two groups of teenagers and young adults.
We later learned that the two groups were acquainted with each other
and had been bumping into each other and exchanging insults before
the fight broke out. By the time officers arrived the fighters had
dispersed. The fight was recorded by witnesses with cell phones and
uploaded onto YouTube. Early media reports theorized that the fight
involved shoppers fighting over underwear and other merchandise, but
that doesn't appear to have been the case.

At 5 a.m. that morning, a Roseville teenager reported to
police that someone had come to his home in central Roseville
and beat on a family car with baseball bats and other objects,
causing extensive damage. Officers learned that the teen had been
involved in the earlier fight at the mall. It appears that the other
group involved in the fight went to his house and vandalized the
vehicle. Officers continued to investigate, and late Friday night
went to a house in Citrus Heights and arrested four people on
suspicion of felony vandalism and other related charges: A
21-year-old male, an 18-year-old female, and a 16-year-old boy, all
from Citrus Heights, and a 17-year-old boy from Turlock.

Police Beat 2:  East Roseville

Johnson Ranch, cars stolen, later recovered: Overnight November
16/17, someone stole two vehicles belonging to the same couple from
an apartment complex at 1801 Eureka Road: A red 2011 Dodge Ram
quad-cab pickup, and a gray 1998 Honda Accord four-door sedan. CHP in
Rancho Cordova found the Dodge pickup on November 19, undamaged and
unoccupied. CHP in Grass Valley found the Honda Accord on November
20, undamaged but with one plate missing. The couple had lost a set
of car keys a few weeks prior to the thefts.

South Cirby, vehicle burglary: Overnight November 18/19, someone
broke a window of a car parked in the 1600 block of Old Hart Ranch
Road, and took a sport coat and a briefcase.

South Cirby, theft from a vehicle: Between 5 p.m. November 22 and 4
p.m. November 23, someone went into an unlocked pickup in the 1800
block of Vista Creek Drive, and took a wallet, checkbook, credit
card, tools and other valuables.

Meadow Oaks, residential burglary: Between 5 and 7 p.m. November 20,
an unknown suspect forced open a sliding glass door in the rear of a
residence in the 1100 block of Cottonwood Drive while the residents
were out, and ransacked the bedroom, taking cameras, computers, gold
jewelry, and a family keepsake--a World War II bronze combat medal in
a handmade wooden display box.

Sierra Gardens, residential burglary: Between 8 p.m. November 20 and
1:20 a.m. November 21, someone went into a house in the 1600 block of
Santa Clara Drive through an unlocked back door while the residents
were out, moved items around, and took a PlayStation, video games and
other small items.

Lead Hill, fraud arrests: At 2:26 a.m. November 23, a witness
reported people were loading electronics items into a U-Haul box van
behind Walmart on Lead Hill. The reporting party wasn't sure the
people had paid for the items, and they were acting suspiciously,
wandering in and out of the store. Officers responded, stopped the
U-Haul box van on Douglas Boulevard, and contacted the two female
occupants. Both were on probation. Officers searched the women and
the van, and found numerous gift cards loaded with information from
stolen credit cards, and thousands of dollars of merchandise that had
been purchased with fraudulent cards. The two women, from Sacramento
and Suisun, were arrested for burglary (entering the store with
intent to commit fraud) and other related charges.

Police Beat 3 Central Roseville, south of the tracks

Cresthaven, attempted theft of a boat and trailer: Sometime before 5
a.m. November 17, someone went onto a driveway in the 2300 block of
Vernon Street, and tried to steal a fishing boat and trailer, cutting
two of the locks and rolling the trailer down the driveway. The
unknown suspects were unable to cut all the locks. A witness in the
area reported seeing two young people on bicycles in the victim's
driveway at about 4 a.m.

Cresthaven, residential burglary: Between 4 p.m. November 20 and 8
a.m. November 21, someone went into a vacant house in the 400 block
of Dawnridge Road and stole a paint sprayer and a power saw.
Cresthaven, prowling arrest: At 4:14 a.m. November 26, a newspaper
delivery person reported a dark house with an open door in the 200
block of Dawnridge Road. A few minutes later, a resident nearby on
Windermere reported catching someone trespassing in his house.
Officers detained one woman on foot in the area, searched the
neighborhood for other suspects or burglarized houses. The detained
woman, a 21-year-old from Citrus Heights, was arrested on suspicion
of prowling.

Theiles, stolen and recovered vehicle: Between 4 a.m. and 9 a.m.
November 21, someone stole a light blue 1991 Acura Integra sedan from
the 200 block of 4th Street. The CHP located the vehicle with some
parts and a license plate missing in the north Sacramento area on
November 23. The vehicle was returned to the owner.

Theiles, stolen and recovered vehicle: At about 4:30 p.m. November
21, employees of a car sales lot in the 400 block of Riverside Avenue
were moving vehicles around, and a lime green 2005 Jeep Wrangler was
parked with its keys in the ignition for a short period of time. A
white male adult got into the Jeep and drove it away southbound on
Riverside Avenue. Sacramento County deputies located the Jeep on
November 23, stripped and with a plate missing. They arrested a

Folsom Road, theft from a vehicle: Overnight November 19/20, someone
went into an unlocked vehicle in the 300 block of Zola Avenue,
ransacked the glove box, and took a pair of expensive sunglasses.

Police Beat 4 Central Roseville, north of the tracks

Washington Underpass reminder: We've received complaints about people
riding their bicycles on the raised pedestrian sidewalk through the
underpass, crowding and bumping into pedestrians. According to the
municipal code, bicyclists are required to walk their bikes through
this narrow pedestrian walkway. Officers will be checking the area
more frequently and issuing citations if needed.

Roseville Heights, update: Last week we told you that on the
afternoon of November 13, officers spotted an unlicensed local
probationer driving on Pacific Street, tried to stop him, and the
driver ditched the car on Atlantic Street and fled. The car was
stolen from Antelope, and additional stolen property was found inside
the vehicle. The passenger was arrested, but officers weren't able to
locate the fleeing driver. At about 4 a.m. November 22, officers
stopped the outstanding wanted person, who was riding a bike on
Baseline Road near Brady Lane, and took him into custody without
incident on last week's stolen vehicle and stolen property charges.
He was in possession of wire cutters, shaved car keys and other items
commonly used to steal or break into cars. The 27-year-old Roseville
resident is being held without bail in the Placer County Jail last
week's charges, plus possession of burglar's tools, plus violation of
the conditions of his AB109 post-release supervision requirements.

Hilltop Circle, prowling arrests: At 2:32 a.m. on November 26, an
officer checked on a vehicle that drove into a truck parking lot in
the 1100 block of PFE Road, an area where we've had a problems with
thieves stealing fuel from trucks. Officers searched the suspicious
vehicle and found several gas tanks, hoses and a pump. Officers
formed the opinion that the two men in the vehicle had come to
Roseville intending to steal fuel. The 21-year-old male from
Carmichael and the 25-year-old male from Sacramento were arrested on
suspicion of prowling and possession of burglar's tools.

Police Beat 5 North Central Roseville

Foothills-Junction, car stolen, another stolen car dumped: Overnight
November 22/23, someone stole a white 1992 Honda Accord coupe from
the 2200 block of Americana Drive. CHP recovered the car, undamaged
and unoccupied, in the north Sacramento area the next day. A
Roseville officer found a 1996 Honda Civic abandoned in the same
block of Americana, which had been stolen on November 18 from Rancho

Pleasant Grove, theft from an unlocked vehicle: Between November 9
and 13, someone went into an unlocked vehicle in a driveway in the
1000 block of Danielle Drive, in the Retreat gated community, and
took a shopping bag of newly purchased men's clothing, a phone
charger and loose change.

Highland Reserve, theft from a vehicle: Between November 17 and 19,
someone went into an unlocked vehicle in the 7200 block of Artisan
Circle and stole the installed DVD player, prescription eye glasses,
a Bluetooth device, and paperwork containing personal identifying

Highland Reserve, vandalism: Overnight November 20/21, someone
painted graffiti on a garage door and a wooden bench of a home in the
500 block of Twinwood Loop. Sometime after midnight November 21,
someone threw eggs and spray-painted a vehicle and a garage door at
two addresses on Treecrest Court.

Stanford, theft from a vehicle: Overnight November 18/19, someone
went into an unlocked vehicle in a driveway in the 6800 block of
Maple Creek Drive, and took a Garmin GPS unit, expensive sunglasses,
loose change and other valuables.

Stanford, theft from a vehicle: Overnight November 22/23, someone
went into an unlocked vehicle in the 7600 block of Malta Drive and
stole the garage door opener, sunglasses, a camera and a debit card,
which was used to make fraudulent ATM withdrawals.
Stanford, theft from a vehicle: Between 3 and 9:15 p.m. November 23,
someone went into an unlocked car in the 800 block of Pleasant Grove
Boulevard, rummaged through the glove box and stole a wallet with the
victim's ID. 

Police Beat 6 West Roseville

Quail Glen, vandalism: At about 8:45 p.m. November 18, a resident of
the 1600 block of Jonquil Drive heard a noise, looked out and saw a
group of kids running away. She discovered that a window in her
garage door had been broken.

Quail Glen, vehicle stolen and recovered: Overnight November 22/23,
someone stole a green 1996 Honda Civic from the 1500 block of
Michener Drive. The Stockton Police Department found it, undamaged
and unoccupied, on November 26.

Junction West, residential burglary: Between 6 p.m. November 21 and 8
a.m. November 22, someone went into a home in the 1900 block of
Casterbridge Drive while the residents were away and ransacked
upstairs bedrooms. It's unknown at this time what was taken. There
was no sign of forced entry.

West Park, vandalism: Sometime November 22/23, someone put an unknown
substance on the roof of a car in the 3100 block of Overton Way,
damaging the paint.

Fiddyment Farms, prowler arrested: At 2:50 a.m. November 24, an alert
resident called police to report people prowling around a house under
construction in the 4200 block of Brickmason Circle. When officers
arrived, a male took off running and concealed himself in a
construction lot. Officers searched the area with the help of K9s
from the Rocklin Police Department and the Placer County Sheriff's
Office, and found the suspect hiding in a large trash can. He was
taken into custody. They searched the suspect's car, and found a
stolen driver's license from Citrus Heights and other suspected
stolen property. The 30-year-old male Roseville resident was arrested
on suspicion of possessing stolen property, prowling on private
property, delaying officers, and violating his AB109 post-release
supervision requirements.


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