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Rocklin and Roseville Today
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Rocklin Crime Report Digest Update (12-9-13)

The Rocklin Police Department's weekly crime report digest for the period of November 25 to December 2, 2013.

Rocklin Crime Report Digest Weekly Summary

  • 1157    Total Incidents
  • 482      Officer Initiated Activity
  • 674      Calls For Service
  • 20        Arrests (Misdemeanor: 12 Felony: 8)
  • 121      Cases Written
  • 115      Traffic Stops
  • 42        Citations
  • 1          Dui Arrests                  
  • 10        Accidents
  • 1          Accident - Criminal
  • 6          Field Interviews

 Crime Highlights 

Commercial Burglary - 4700 block of Grove St
Between 11/20 at 2030 and 11/24 at 1930 hours unknown suspect(s) entered the building and stole electronic equipment.

Grand Theft - 4700 block of Discovery Preserve
Between 11/23 and 11/25 unknown suspect(s) stole copper wire from a model home that is under construction.

Vandalism - 5400 block of Crossings Dr
On 11/25 at 1900 hours, after a road rage incident, an unknown suspect slashed the tires on the victim's vehicle.

Residential Burglary - 4900 block of San Francisco St
Between 11/26 at 1800 and 2015 hours, unknown suspect(s) entered the victim's residence and stole prescription medication.

Commercial Burglary - 5400 block of Crossings Dr
On 11/26 at 2358 hours, two juveniles entered Wal-Mart and stole alcohol.  They were detained by Loss Prevention and later released to their parents.

Commercial Burglary - 5400 block of Crossings Dr
On 11/27 at 1920 hours an identified suspect entered Wal-Mart and attempted to cash a fraudulent check.

Vehicle Burglaries - 4400 block of Rocklin Rd
Between 11/27 at 1900 and 11/28 at 0845 hours, unknown suspect(s) broke out the windows of two vehicles and stole the stereos.

Vehicle Burglary - 3500 block of Marlee Wy
On 11/28 unknown suspect(s) broke the back window out of the victim's vehicle and stole a digital camera and clothing.

Commercial Burglary - 3100 block of Sunset Blvd
On 11/28 at 0421 hours, Officers responded to a commercial burglary alarm and discovered the front glass door of the business shattered.

Residential Burglary - 4500 block of Longview Dr
On 11/28 at 2308 hours, Officers responded to a residential alarm call. They arrived on scene and found the front door kicked open. The house did not appear ransacked.

Commercial Burglary - 2200 block of Sierra Meadows Dr
Between 11/29 at 1300 and 11/30 at 0938 hours, unknown suspect smashed the front glass door and took computer equipment.

Vehicle Burglary - 5500 block Campbell Ct
Between 11/29 at 2100 and 11/30 at 0745 hours unknown suspect gained entry into the victim's locked car and stole property from the center console.

Residential Burglary - 3000 block Argonaut Ave
Between 11/29 at 1245 hours and 12/1 at 0245 hours unknown suspect/s kicked in the front door of the residence and took a collection of coins.

Annoy Child - 5600 block of Pacific St
On 11/29 at 1153 hours, a fourteen year old female was approached in the parking lot by an unknown white male.  The male made small talk before asking her to look at his cell phone picture of male genitalia.  The male was described as being approx 35 years old, 5'7 with an average build and brownish blond hair.  He was in the company of a 5 year old boy.

Petty Theft from vehicle - 4700 Block 3rd St
Between 11/30 at 1000 and 12/1 at 0900 hours, unknown suspect entered the victim's unlocked car and removed jewelry.

Petty Theft from vehicle - 2400 block Tamarack Ct
Between 11/30 at 1630 and 12/1 at 0825 hours, unknown suspect entered the victim's unlocked car and removed miscellaneous property.  

Vehicle Burglary / Vandalism - 5400 block of S. Grove St
Between 11/30 at 2200 and 12/1 at 1700 hours, unknown suspect damaged the victim's locked car and stole miscellaneous property.  

Counterfeit Money / Burglary with Intent - 6600 block of Lonetree Blvd
A Hispanic male in his twenties called in a food order and attempted to pay with a counterfeit $100.00 bill.  When the employee used a pen to check the authenticity of the bill the male fled. 

Petty Theft from vehicle - 5700 block Shannon Bay Drive
Between 12/1 at 0130 and 1055 hours, unknown suspect entered victim's unlocked vehicle, took cash and siphoned gas.

 Petty Theft from Vehicle - 4400 block of Pacific St
Between 12/1 at 1300 and 1700 hours, unknown suspect removed the tailgate from the victim's truck.  

Robbery - 2200 block of Sunset Blvd
On 12/1 at 1206 hours, two black males entered the Metro PCS Store and removed phones attached to a display board.  When the store employee confronted them, one of the males threatened to shoot the employee.  No weapon was seen.  The males escaped in a waiting car. 


 Possession of Methamphetamine - S.R. 65 and Sunset Blvd
On 11-26-2013 at 2356 hours, a traffic stop was conducted for false evidence of registration on Sunset Blvd. near Highway 65. Upon a search of the vehicle, methamphetamine, marijuana and narcotics paraphernalia were located.   

Possession of a Controlled Substance, Commercial Burglary, Possession of a Stolen Vehicle - 3200 block of Stanford Ranch Rd
On 11/26 at about 1432 hours, officers responded to the parking lot for a report of two males inside of a vehicle "huffing" paint.  Officers discovered the associated vehicle was stolen out of Nevada County.  One suspect was immediately taken into custody.  During a search of the vehicle stolen property was located inside.  The second suspect attempted to hide in the Starbuck's bathroom but was eventually taken into custody.  During a search of the bathroom area, narcotics and narcotics paraphernalia was found.  Additionally, one of the suspects tried to use a disguise to commit burglaries at several neighboring businesses.  Both suspects were arrested and booked at the Placer County Jail.                                            

Robbery, Commercial Burglary, Possession of Stolen Property - 5400 block of Crossings Drive
On 11/27 at about 1800 hours, a male suspect entered Wal-Mart and stole numerous items.  When he was confronted by Loss Prevention, he pushed and assaulted the LP Agent.  The suspect fled, but was arrested by responding officers.  During a search of the suspect's vehicle, numerous stolen items were recovered.  The items were from Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market, Target, and Big Five Sports.  The suspect was arrested and booked at the Placer County Jail on the listed charges.

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