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New California Laws for 2016 (Final)

Roseville, CA - The final installment for New California laws for 2016. Part 34 includes School curriculum, Firearms, Foster children,  Mobile communications, Competitive bidding and more.

Check back daily for the latest California's new laws may impact you or your business.

California's New Laws for 2016 - Part 34

  • SB 695 - School curriculum: health education: sexual harassment and violence instruction.
  • SB 696 - Insurance: principle-based valuation.
  • SB 697 - California Public Utilities Commission Accountability Act of 2015: reports: audits: electrical restructuring: charter-party carriers of passengers.
  • SB 703 - Public contracts: prohibitions: discrimination.
  • SB 704 - Public officers and employees: conflict of interest: contracts.
  • SB 705 - Transactions and use taxes: County of San Mateo, CA: Transportation Agency for Monterey County, CA.
  • SB 707 - Firearms: gun-free school zone.
  • SB 708 - Pupil nutrition: free or reduced-price meals: online applications.
  • SB 711 - Law libraries: charges.
  • SB 719 - California Department of Transportation: motor vehicle technologies testing.
  • SB 725 - Pupil testing: high school exit examination: exemption.
  • SB 730 - Railroads: movement of freight: trains or light engines: crew size.
  • SB 731 - Foster children: housing: gender identity.
  • SB 738 - Pupil health: epinephrine auto-injectors: liability limitation.
  • SB 741 - Mobile communications: privacy.
  • SB 750 - English language education: English learners.
  • SB 758 - Atmospheric Rivers: Research, Mitigation and Climate Forecasting Program.
  • SB 761 - Advertising: Internet private residence rental listings: notice.
  • SB 762 - Competitive bidding: best value: pilot program: design-build.
  • SB 767 - Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority: transactions and use tax.
  • SB 770 - California Department of Food and Agriculture: medicated feed.
  • SB 785 - Estates and trusts: creditor's claim.
  • SB 792 - Day care facilities: immunizations: exemptions.
  • SB 793 - Green Tariff Shared Renewables Program.
  • SB 794 - Child welfare services.
  • SB 795 - Public Safety Omnibus.
  • SB 796 - Alcoholic beverages: licenses: advertising: contests and sweepstakes.
  • SB 797 - Government finance.
  • SB 798 - Natural resources.
  • SB 800 - Healing arts.
  • SB 801 - Property tax postponement.
  • SB 803 - Property taxation.
  • SB 804 - Public health.

Miss a segment?  We've got you covered. Follow the entire series online at: New California Laws for 2016

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