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New California Laws 2017 (Part 8)

Roseville, CA - New California laws for 2017.  Part 8 includes E-Verify, school finance, county jails, inmates, marketing of eggs, sex crimes, controlled substances, pest control and more.

Check back daily for the latest California's new laws that may impact you or your business.

New California Laws 2017 - Part 8

  • AB-614 - Health care standards of practice.
  • AB-617 - Groundwater.
  • AB-620 - High-occupancy toll lanes: exemptions from tolls.
  • AB-621 - Drayage truck operators: Motor Carrier Employer Amnesty Program.
  • AB-622 - Employment: E-Verify system: unlawful business practices.
  • AB-625 - School finance: emergency apportionments: compliance audits.
  • AB-626 - Public contracts: claim resolution.
  • AB-627 - Pharmacy benefit managers: contracting pharmacies.
  • AB-629 - Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
  • AB-630 - Public officers and employees: oath of office.
  • AB-632 - Secondhand dealers and coin dealers: reporting: handheld electronic devices.
  • AB-635 - Medical interpretation services.
  • AB-636 - Postsecondary education: student safety.
  • AB-637 - Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment forms.
  • AB-638 - Vessels: personal flotation devices.
  • AB-643 - Emergency services: Silver Alerts.
  • AB-644 - Land use: general plan: safety element: fire hazard impacts.
  • AB-646 - State Archives: museum activities.
  • AB-652 - State Highway Route 16: relinquishment.
  • AB-653 - Postsecondary education: community college contracting practices.
  • AB-655 - Rendering: inedible kitchen grease: registration fee: additional fees.
  • AB-656 - Joint powers agreements: mutual water companies.
  • AB-658 - County jails: inmate health care services: rates.
  • AB-661 - Counties: recording: real estate instruments.
  • AB-662 - Public accommodation: disabled adults: changing facilities.
  • AB-663 - County retirement boards: alternate members.
  • AB-664 - Medi-Cal: universal assessment tool report.
  • AB-666 - Juveniles: sealing of records.
  • AB-667 - Broker-dealers: exemptions: finders.
  • AB-668 - Property taxation: assessment: affordable housing.
  • AB-670 - Information technology security.
  • AB-672 - Inmates: wrongful convictions: assistance upon release.
  • AB-673 - Probation and mandatory supervision: jurisdiction.
  • AB-675 - Rental vehicles: advertising and quotes: charges.
  • AB-679 - Controlled substances.
  • AB-681 - State Board of Equalization: surveys: assessment procedures and practices: county assessor.
  • AB-682 - Mobilehome park: electric and gas service: master-meter customers.
  • AB-683 - Voting Accessibility Advisory Committee.
  • AB-684 - State Board of Optometry: optometrists: nonresident contact lens sellers: registered dispensing opticians.
  • AB-685 - Real Estate Law.
  • AB-689 - Marketing of eggs: violations: administrative and civil penalties.
  • AB-691 - Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act.
  • AB-692 - Low-carbon transportation fuels.
  • AB-693 - Multifamily Affordable Housing Solar Roofs Program.
  • AB-701 - Sex crimes: rape.
  • AB-703 - Juveniles: attorney qualifications.
  • AB-704 - Escrow services: authorization to transact business.
  • AB-705 - Psychologists: licensure exemption.
  • AB-707 - Agricultural land: Williamson Act contracts: cancellation.
  • AB-715 - Residential development: school facilities fees.
  • AB-716 - California State University: special sessions.
  • AB-721 - Student financial aid: private student loans.
  • AB-723 - Housing: finance.
  • AB-726 - Vehicles: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
  • AB-728 - State government: financial reporting.
  • AB-730 - Controlled substances: transport.
  • AB-731 - Maintenance of the codes.
  • AB-732 - Cattle protection: brands: inspection: fees.
  • AB-735 - Postsecondary education: Student Athlete Bill of Rights.
  • AB-736 - State teachers’ retirement: executive positions.
  • AB-738 - Sacramento Regional Transit District.
  • AB-744 - Planning and zoning: density bonuses.
  • AB-746 - San Francisco Bay Restoration Authority.
  • AB-747 - Planning and land use: Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley.
  • AB-751 - Vertebrate pest control research: repeal extension.
  • AB-752 - Private postsecondary education: California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009.
  • AB-759 - Recreational vehicles.
  • AB-762 - Day care centers: toddler programs.
  • AB-767 - Community colleges: emergency preparedness standards.
  • AB-768 - Smokeless tobacco: baseball stadiums.

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