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New California Laws 2017 (Part 11)

Roseville, CA - Featuring 100 New California laws for 2017.  Part 11 includes Quimby Act, mental health, school district employees, veterans, student financial aid, child witnesses and more.

Check back daily for the latest California's new laws that may impact you or your business.

New California Laws 2017 - Part 11

  • AB-1168 - Peace officers: basic training requirements.
  • AB-1171 - Construction Manager/General Contractor method: regional transportation agencies: projects on expressways.
  • AB-1175 - Bureau of Electronic and Appliance Repair, Home Furnishings, and Thermal Insulation.
  • AB-1177 - Primary care clinics: written transfer agreements.
  • AB-1178 - Vehicles: manufacturers and distributors.
  • AB-1180 - Rates and charges for water service: payment transaction fees.
  • AB-1182 - Secondhand goods: tangible personal property.
  • AB-1185 - Los Angeles Unified School District: best value procurement: pilot program.
  • AB-1191 - Quimby Act: fees.
  • AB-1194 - Mental health: involuntary commitment.
  • AB-1195 - California Debt Limit Allocation Committee: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.
  • AB-1197 - Deposition notices.
  • AB-1204 - Instructional Quality Commission: membership: pupil members.
  • AB-1207 - Mandated child abuse reporting: child day care personnel: training.
  • AB-1211 - Health care facilities: congregate living health facility.
  • AB-1217 - Orange County Fire Authority.
  • AB-1222 - Tow trucks.
  • AB-1223 - Emergency medical services: ambulance transportation.
  • AB-1228 - Public postsecondary education: campus housing: priority for homeless youth.
  • AB-1230 - California Americans With Disabilities Small Business Capital Access Loan Program.
  • AB-1234 - State Archives: museum activities.
  • AB-1236 - Local ordinances: electric vehicle charging stations.
  • AB-1241 - Crimes: audiovisual work: recording.
  • AB-1244 - Workers’ compensation.
  • AB-1245 - Unemployment insurance: electronic reporting and funds transfers.
  • AB-1250 - Vehicles: buses: axle weight.
  • AB-1251 - Greenway Development and Sustainment Act.
  • AB-1253 - Optometry: license: retired volunteer service designation.
  • AB-1259 - Bees: apiculture: state-owned lands.
  • AB-1262 - Telecommunications: universal service: California Advanced Services Fund.
  • AB-1266 - Electrical and gas corporations: excess compensation.
  • AB-1267 - Lawsuits, liens, and other encumbrances.
  • AB-1269 - Alternative energy.
  • AB-1270 - California Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.
  • AB-1272 - Criminal procedure: trial schedule conflicts.
  • AB-1274 - Public lands: geophysical surveys.
  • AB-1276 - Child witnesses: human trafficking.
  • AB-1277 - Tax administration: Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate: levy or notice to withhold: return of funds.
  • AB-1282 - Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
  • AB-1284 - Bay Area state-owned toll bridges: Toll Bridge Program Oversight Committee.
  • AB-1287 - Vehicles: parking violations.
  • AB-1288 - Air resources.
  • AB-1289 - Transportation network companies: participating drivers: penalties.
  • AB-1290 - Health care districts: public contracts: design-build.
  • AB-1291 - The County Employees Retirement Law of 1937.
  • AB-1292 - Bank on California program.
  • AB-1295 - Craft distillers: licenses.
  • AB-1299 - Medi-Cal: specialty mental health services: foster children.
  • AB-1303 - Subdivision Map Act: map expiration dates.
  • AB-1305 - Limitations on cost sharing: family coverage.
  • AB-1307 - Working Families Student Fee Transparency and Accountability Act.
  • AB-1308 - Apprenticeship programs: approval.
  • AB-1310 - Disorderly conduct: unlawful distribution of image.
  • AB-1311 - Temporary services employees: wages.
  • AB-1312 - Ballast water management.
  • AB-1320 - Alcoholic beverages: tied-house restrictions: advertising.
  • AB-1321 - Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Program.
  • AB-1322 - Alcoholic beverages: licenses: beauty salons and barber shops.
  • AB-1323 - Marine debris: removal and disposal.
  • AB-1328 - Criminal procedure: withholding of evidence.
  • AB-1330 - Energy efficiency.
  • AB-1337 - Medical records: electronic delivery.
  • AB-1338 - Specialized license plates: domestic violence and sexual assault awareness.
  • AB-1339 - School district employees: merit system: appointments.
  • AB-1343 - Criminal procedure: defense counsel.
  • AB-1348 - State Clearinghouse.
  • AB-1350 - Kern County Hospital Authority.
  • AB-1352 - Deferred entry of judgment: withdrawal of plea.
  • AB-1353 - Highway rest areas: vending machines: utility costs.
  • AB-1355 - Gaming: Tribal Nation Grant Fund.
  • AB-1358 - School facilities: design-build contracts.
  • AB-1359 - Optometry: therapeutic pharmaceutical agents certification: requirements.
  • AB-1362 - San Mateo County Mosquito and Vector Control District: board of trustees: appointment of members.
  • AB-1363 - Animals: estrays: alpacas, llamas, and goats.
  • AB-1369 - Special education: dyslexia.
  • AB-1373 - Outdoor advertising: City of Los Angeles.
  • AB-1374 - Psychologists: licensure.
  • AB-1375 - Criminal penalties: nonpayment of fines.
  • AB-1381 - Professions and vocations: real estate appraisers: real estate brokers.
  • AB-1386 - Emergency medical care: epinephrine auto-injectors.
  • AB-1387 - Care facilities: civil penalties, deficiencies, and appeal procedures.
  • AB-1390 - Groundwater: comprehensive adjudication.
  • AB-1391 - Pupil instruction: adopted course of study: elementary school: physical education: complaints.
  • AB-1399 - Income taxes: voluntary contributions: California Domestic Violence Victims Fund.
  • AB-1401 - Veterans: student financial aid.
  • AB-1403 - Housing: joint powers agreement.
  • AB-1407 - Family law: protective orders: wireless telephone numbers.
  • AB-1411 - Fire protection: type 1 clothes dryers.
  • AB-1419 - Hazardous waste: cathode ray tube glass.
  • AB-1420 - Oil and gas: pipelines.
  • AB-1422 - Transportation network companies.
  • AB-1423 - Prisoners: medical treatment.
  • AB-1424 - Mental health: community mental health board.
  • AB-1431 - Local Agency Public Construction Act: job order contracting.
  • AB-1432 - Monterey Bay and the Bays of San Francisco, San Pablo, and Suisun: pilotage rates: technology surcharge.
  • AB-1436 - In-home supportive services: authorized representative.
  • AB-1443 - Voters: language accessibility.
  • AB-1446 - California Finance Lenders Law: violations.
  • AB-1448 - Personal energy conservation: real property restrictions.
  • AB-1449 - Student financial aid: California Community College Transfer Cal Grant Entitlement Program.

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