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New California Laws 2017 (Part 12)

Roseville, CA - New California laws for 2017.  Part 12 includes 100 new laws including student safety, greenhouse gas reduction, forensic testing, privacy, Medi-Cal, state employment and much more.

Check back daily for the latest California's new laws that may impact you or your business.

New California Laws 2017 - Part 12

  • AB-1452 - Certificated employees: personnel files: expungement: egregious misconduct.
  • AB-1461 - Voter registration: California New Motor Voter Program.
  • AB-1465 - Driver’s licenses.
  • AB-1471 - Business entities: filings.
  • AB-1475 - Sexual assault response team.
  • AB-1482 - Climate adaptation.
  • AB-1492 - Forensic testing: DNA samples.
  • AB-1494 - Voting: marked ballots.
  • AB-1496 - Methane emissions.
  • AB-1500 - State highways: relinquishment: Route 75.
  • AB-1504 - Elections: all-mailed ballot elections: pilot project.
  • AB-1506 - Labor Code Private Attorneys General Act of 2004.
  • AB-1509 - Employer liability.
  • AB-1511 - Firearms: lending.
  • AB-1512 - Insurance: notice of lapse.
  • AB-1513 - Employment: workers’ compensation and piece-rate compensation.
  • AB-1514 - Employment Development Department: training benefits: reports.
  • AB-1515 - Insurance.
  • AB-1516 - Housing.
  • AB-1517 - Business.
  • AB-1519 - Judiciary omnibus: family support.
  • AB-1521 - Disability access: construction-related accessibility claims.
  • AB-1524 - Electricity: energy crisis litigation.
  • AB-1525 - Electrical restructuring.
  • AB-1527 - Fish and wildlife.
  • AB-1528 - Public resources.
  • AB-1531 - State Water Resources Control Board.
  • AB-1532 - Local government: omnibus.
  • AB-1533 - Infrastructure financing.
  • AB-1534 - Assessment analyst: certification.
  • AB-1535 - Elections.
  • AB-1536 - Elections.
  • AB-1537 - Small Business Financial Assistance Act of 2013: reports.
  • AB-1538 - Educational equity: sex equity in education: federal Title IX.
  • AB-1540 - Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
  • AB-1541 - Privacy: personal information.
  • AB-1544 - Political Reform Act of 1974: behested payments.
  • AB-1546 - Vital records.
  • AB-1549 - Department of Transportation: state highway rights-of-way: broadband: fiber optic cables.
  • AB-1550 - Greenhouse gases: investment plan: disadvantaged communities.
  • AB-1553 - Savings plans: qualified ABLE program.
  • AB-1554 - Powdered alcohol.
  • AB-1557 - School facilities: use by nonprofit youth organizations: recreational youth sports leagues.
  • AB-1558 - Alcoholic beverages: licenses.
  • AB-1559 - State Board of Equalization: returns and payment: extension: disaster.
  • AB-1563 - Victim’s compensation: claims: appeal.
  • AB-1564 - Emergency services: wireless 911 calls: routing.
  • AB-1567 - Before and after school programs: enrollment: fees: homeless and foster youth: snacks or meals.
  • AB-1568 - Medi-Cal: demonstration project.
  • AB-1570 - Collectibles: sale of autographed memorabilia.
  • AB-1577 - CalFood Program: CalFood Account.
  • AB-1580 - Consumer credit reports: security freezes: protected consumer.
  • AB-1592 - Autonomous vehicles: pilot project.
  • AB-1593 - Pupil attendance: excused absences: naturalization ceremony.
  • AB-1597 - County jails: performance milestone credits.
  • AB-1602 - Education.
  • AB-1603 - Public social services omnibus.
  • AB-1606 - Developmental services.
  • AB-1607 - Medi-Cal: hospitals: quality assurance fee.
  • AB-1613 - Budget Act of 2016.
  • AB-1618 - Mental health services.
  • AB-1622 - Budget Act of 2016.
  • AB-1623 - Budget Act of 2016.
  • AB-1624 - Education.
  • AB-1625 - Human services.
  • AB-1627 - State employment: memorandum of understanding: Bargaining Unit 7.
  • AB-1628 - No Place Like Home Program: financing.
  • AB-1630 - State employment.
  • AB-1637 - Energy: greenhouse gas reduction.
  • AB-1639 - Pupil health: The Eric Paredes Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act.
  • AB-1645 - Mortgage guaranty insurance.
  • AB-1650 - Real estate licensees: advertisements.
  • AB-1651 - Public Utilities Commission: contracts.
  • AB-1654 - Student safety: crime reporting.
  • AB-1658 - Happy Homestead Cemetery District: nonresident burial.
  • AB-1660 - Interscholastic athletics: California Interscholastic Federation: report.
  • AB-1661 - Local government: sexual harassment prevention training and education.
  • AB-1665 - Transactions and use taxes: County of Alameda, County of Contra Costa, and Contra Costa Transportation Authority.
  • AB-1666 - Community facilities districts: reports.
  • AB-1668 - Investigational drugs, biological products, and devices.
  • AB-1669 - Displaced employees: service contracts: collection and transportation of solid waste.
  • AB-1670 - Alcoholic beverages: licenses.
  • AB-1671 - Confidential communications: disclosure.
  • AB-1676 - Employers: wage discrimination.
  • AB-1677 - Vehicles: tour buses: safety inspections.
  • AB-1678 - Provision of incident reports to victims.
  • AB-1680 - Crimes: emergency personnel.
  • AB-1682 - Settlement agreements: sexual offenses.
  • AB-1684 - Civil actions: human trafficking.
  • AB-1685 - Vehicular air pollution: zero-emission vehicles: civil penalties.
  • AB-1687 - Customer records: age information: commercial online entertainment employment service providers.
  • AB-1688 - Dependent children: out-of-county placement: notice.
  • AB-1690 - Community colleges: part-time, temporary employees.
  • AB-1692 - County employees’ retirement: Contra Costa County.
  • AB-1693 - Claims against the state: payment.
  • AB-1695 - Firearms: false reports of stolen firearms.
  • AB-1696 - Medi-Cal: tobacco cessation services.
  • AB-1697 - Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program.
  • AB-1700 - Trusts: Notice of proposed action by trustee.
  • AB-1701 - State claims.

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