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New California Laws 2017 (Part 13)

Roseville, CA - New California laws for 2017.  Part 13 includes 100 new laws including vicious dogs, human trafficking child care, falsifying evidence,  debt collection, firearms, organic products and much more.

Check back daily for the latest California's new laws that may impact you or your business.

New California Laws 2017 - Part 13

  • AB-1702 - Juveniles: dependent children: reunification services.
  • AB-1703 - Inmates: medical treatment.
  • AB-1705 - Jails: searches.
  • AB-1709 - Deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals.
  • AB-1712 - Child care: contractors: digital signatures.
  • AB-1716 - Lower American River Conservancy Program.
  • AB-1719 - Pupil instruction: cardiopulmonary resuscitation.
  • AB-1722 - Limited liability companies: dissolution: cancellation of articles of organization.
  • AB-1723 - Debt collection.
  • AB-1726 - Data collection.
  • AB-1732 - Single-user restrooms.
  • AB-1734 - Mining claims: recording.
  • AB-1735 - Dissolution of marriage: bifurcated judgment: service.
  • AB-1741 - California College Promise Innovation Grant Program.
  • AB-1744 - Sexual assault forensic medical evidence kit.
  • AB-1747 - Food assistance: higher education students.
  • AB-1748 - Pupils: pupil health: opioid antagonist.
  • AB-1750 - Real property transactions: definitions.
  • AB-1751 - Secondhand goods.
  • AB-1755 - The Open and Transparent Water Data Act.
  • AB-1757 - North County Transit District.
  • AB-1761 - Human trafficking: victims: affirmative defense.
  • AB-1765 - CaliforniaVolunteers: nonprofit public benefit corporation.
  • AB-1767 - Tribal gaming: compact ratification.
  • AB-1769 - 911 emergency system: nuisance communications.
  • AB-1773 - Local government renewable energy self-generation program.
  • AB-1775 - Income taxes: returns: due dates.
  • AB-1779 - Nonprobate transfers: revocable transfer on death deed.
  • AB-1784 - State banks.
  • AB-1785 - Vehicles: use of wireless electronic devices.
  • AB-1786 - Horse racing: the California Standardbred Sires Stakes Program.
  • AB-1787 - Open meetings: public comments: translation.
  • AB-1789 - Personal income taxes: voluntary contributions: School Supplies for Homeless Children Fund.
  • AB-1793 - Contractors: license requirements: recovery actions.
  • AB-1794 - Central Basin Municipal Water District.
  • AB-1795 - Health care programs: cancer.
  • AB-1797 - In-home supportive services: application.
  • AB-1798 - Firearms: imitation firearms: gun-shaped phone cases.
  • AB-1807 - Real estate licensees.
  • AB-1808 - Minors: mental health treatment or counseling services.
  • AB-1810 - California Seed Law: exclusions: noncommercial seed sharing.
  • AB-1811 - Fertilizer: organic input material: registration: inspections.
  • AB-1813 - High-Speed Rail Authority: membership.
  • AB-1816 - Tulelake Irrigation District.
  • AB-1817 - Solid waste: garbage and refuse disposal districts: board of directors.
  • AB-1823 - California Cancer Clinical Trials Program.
  • AB-1825 - Vicious dogs: definition.
  • AB-1826 - Organic products.
  • AB-1829 - Vessels: operation under the influence of alcohol or drugs: chemical testing.
  • AB-1836 - Mental health: referral of conservatees.
  • AB-1840 - State agencies: interns and student assistants: hiring preference.
  • AB-1841 - Cybersecurity strategy incident response standards.
  • AB-1842 - Water: pollution: fines.
  • AB-1843 - Applicants for employment: criminal history.
  • AB-1845 - Protected species: take: rough sculpin.
  • AB-1847 - Earned Income Tax Credit Information Act: California Earned Income Tax Credit.
  • AB-1849 - Foster youth: transition to independent living: health insurance coverage.
  • AB-1850 - Educational services: permanent residents: foreign nationals.
  • AB-1854 - Bail: attorney’s fees: forfeited bail.
  • AB-1856 - Excise taxes: claim for refund: timely filed claims.
  • AB-1858 - Automobile dismantling: task force.
  • AB-1859 - Collateral recovery.
  • AB-1863 - Medi-Cal: federally qualified health centers: rural health centers.
  • AB-1867 - Evidence: judicial notice: official records of conviction.
  • AB-1874 - Structural pest control.
  • AB-1875 - State teachers’ retirement: option beneficiaries: trusts.
  • AB-1887 - State government: discrimination: travel.
  • AB-1889 - High-Speed Rail Authority: high-speed train operation.
  • AB-1891 - School districts: special taxes: exemptions.
  • AB-1894 - Food and agriculture: omnibus bill.
  • AB-1899 - Insurance: production agents: license examinations.
  • AB-1900 - San Pedro superior courthouse.
  • AB-1901 - Taxation: cigarettes: unaffixed stamps.
  • AB-1906 - Mental health: sexually violent predators.
  • AB-1907 - Orange County Fair: sale of state property.
  • AB-1909 - Falsifying evidence.
  • AB-1911 - Dual status minors.
  • AB-1914 - Public postsecondary education: academic materials: textbooks: access codes.
  • AB-1917 - Mental health care professionals: qualifications.
  • AB-1918 - Teacher credentialing: temporary certificates.
  • AB-1919 - Local transportation authorities: bonds.
  • AB-1920 - California Tax Credit Allocation Committee: low-income housing credit: fines.
  • AB-1921 - Elections: vote by mail ballots.
  • AB-1923 - Bioenergy feed-in tariff.
  • AB-1924 - Privacy: electronic communications.
  • AB-1926 - Public works: prevailing wage: apprentices.
  • AB-1927 - Criminal procedure: notice to appear.
  • AB-1928 - Water efficiency: landscape irrigation equipment.
  • AB-1932 - Vehicles: motorcycle safety training.
  • AB-1934 - Planning and zoning: development bonuses: mixed-use projects.
  • AB-1937 - Electricity: procurement.
  • AB-1941 - California Film Commission: membership and duties.
  • AB-1943 - Parking: county transportation commissions.
  • AB-1945 - Juveniles: sealing of records.
  • AB-1953 - Peace officers: civilian complaints.
  • AB-1954 - Health care coverage: reproductive health care services.
  • AB-1958 - Forestry: timberlands: restoration and conservation forest management activities.
  • AB-1960 - Vehicles: Basic Inspection of Terminals program.
  • AB-1962 - Criminal proceedings: mental competence.
  • AB-1963 - Common interest developments: construction defects.

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