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New California Laws 2017 (Part 14)

Roseville, CA - New California laws for 2017.  Part 14 includes 101 new laws including marriage, CalWORKS, teacher credentials.  rental vehicles, foster care, student loans, social services and much more.

Check back daily for the latest California's new laws that may impact you or your business.

New California Laws 2017 - Part 14

  • AB-1970 - Elections: vote by mail and provisional ballots.
  • AB-1974 - County recorder: recordation of documents.
  • AB-1976 - Food and agriculture: marketing advisory and promotional boards, councils, and commissions.
  • AB-1977 - Tribal gaming: compact amendment ratification.
  • AB-1978 - Employment: property service workers.
  • AB-1979 - Renewable feed-in tariff: hydroelectric facilities.
  • AB-1980 - Memorial to California firefighters: modifications.
  • AB-1985 - Advanced Placement credit.
  • AB-1993 - Law enforcement contact process: service providers.
  • AB-1995 - Community colleges: homeless students: access to shower facilities.
  • AB-1997 - Foster care.
  • AB-1998 - Juveniles: data collection.
  • AB-1999 - Prohibited Armed Persons File: initial review.
  • AB-2001 - Fully protected fish: Owens pupfish: California State Safe Harbor Agreement Program Act.
  • AB-2007 - Youth athletics: youth sports organizations: concussions or other head injuries.
  • AB-2010 - Voter’s pamphlet: electronic candidate statement.
  • AB-2011 - Thoroughbred racing: northern, central, and southern zones: auxiliary offsite stabling, training, and vanning.
  • AB-2012 - Jail Industry Authority.
  • AB-2013 - Criminal procedure: arraignment pilot program.
  • AB-2015 - Public social services: 2011 realignment report.
  • AB-2016 - Pupil instruction: ethnic studies.
  • AB-2021 - Election process: public observation: international election observers.
  • AB-2022 - Advanced purified demonstration water.
  • AB-2024 - Critical access hospitals: employment.
  • AB-2025 - Barbering and cosmetology: labor law education requirements.
  • AB-2027 - Victims of crime: nonimmigrant status.
  • AB-2028 - Public employees’ retirement: involuntary termination: reinstatement.
  • AB-2029 - Timber harvesting plans: exemptions.
  • AB-2030 - Transportation districts: contracts.
  • AB-2031 - Local government: affordable housing: financing.
  • AB-2032 - Change of organization: cities: disincorporation.
  • AB-2036 - Online child care job posting services: background check service providers: enforcement.
  • AB-2048 - National Health Service Corps State Loan Repayment Program.
  • AB-2051 - Rental passenger vehicles.
  • AB-2053 - Primary care clinics.
  • AB-2056 - Cal Grant Program: graduation verification.
  • AB-2057 - CalFresh: victims of domestic violence.
  • AB-2061 - Supervised Population Workforce Training Grant Program.
  • AB-2062 - CalWORKs: income or household composition reporting: benefit redetermination.
  • AB-2063 - Work-based learning opportunities: work experience education and job shadowing.
  • AB-2068 - Talent services.
  • AB-2071 - Vote by mail ballots.
  • AB-2073 - Golf carts: City of La Verne.
  • AB-2083 - Interagency child death review.
  • AB-2087 - Regional conservation investment strategies.
  • AB-2093 - Disability access.
  • AB-2097 - Pupil records: social security numbers.
  • AB-2105 - Workforce development: allied health professions.
  • AB-2106 - Sellers of travel: registration.
  • AB-2107 - Department of Motor Vehicles: electronic vehicle registration services: interstate carrier partnership.
  • AB-2116 - School bonds: projections of assessed property valuations.
  • AB-2119 - Medical information: disclosure: medical examiners and forensic pathologists.
  • AB-2125 - Healthy Nail Salon Recognition Program.
  • AB-2126 - Public contracts: Construction Manager/General Contractor contracts.
  • AB-2128 - Marriage.
  • AB-2135 - Alcoholic beverages: revenue sharing.
  • AB-2137 - Postsecondary education: University of California: student transfers.
  • AB-2138 - Sellers of travel.
  • AB-2139 - Ocean Protection Council: ocean acidification and hypoxia.
  • AB-2143 - County recorder: electronic recording.
  • AB-2153 - The Lead-Acid Battery Recycling Act of 2016.
  • AB-2154 - Student Aid Commission: student members.
  • AB-2159 - Evidence: immigration status.
  • AB-2161 - Parking lots: design: insurance discount.
  • AB-2164 - Public postsecondary education: tuition and fees.
  • AB-2165 - Firearms: prohibitions: exemptions.
  • AB-2167 - Vehicles: towed vehicles.
  • AB-2168 - Public Utilities Commission Audit Compliance Act of 2016.
  • AB-2172 - Homebrewery clubs: meetings: competitions.
  • AB-2176 - Shelter crisis: emergency bridge housing communities.
  • AB-2180 - Land use: development project review.
  • AB-2189 - Rim of the Valley Trail Corridor: boundary revisions.
  • AB-2190 - Acupuncture Board: executive officer: education.
  • AB-2191 - Board of Behavioral Sciences.
  • AB-2192 - Court Reporters Board of California: Shorthand reporters fees: Transcript Reimbursement Fund.
  • AB-2193 - California Board of Podiatric Medicine: Physician Assistant Board: extension.
  • AB-2194 - California Massage Therapy Council: business of massage.
  • AB-2196 - Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.
  • AB-2201 - State Board of Equalization: administration: interest.
  • AB-2207 - Medi-Cal: dental program.
  • AB-2208 - Local planning: housing element: inventory of land for residential development.
  • AB-2211 - Registered process servers.
  • AB-2212 - Pupils: suspensions and expulsions: bullying: electronic acts: video.
  • AB-2215 - California State Lottery Act: California State University Lottery Education Fund: California State University Trust Fund.
  • AB-2217 - Notary public: service fees.
  • AB-2220 - Elections in cities: by or from district.
  • AB-2221 - Criminal procedure: human trafficking witnesses.
  • AB-2228 - Code enforcement officers.
  • AB-2230 - Overtime compensation: private elementary or secondary academic institutions: teachers.
  • AB-2231 - Care facilities: civil penalties.
  • AB-2232 - Court records: misdemeanors.
  • AB-2235 - Board of Dentistry: pediatric anesthesia: committee.
  • AB-2244 - Court fees: electronic filing.
  • AB-2246 - Pupil suicide prevention policies.
  • AB-2247 - Armories.
  • AB-2248 - Teacher credentialing: out-of-state trained teachers: English learner authorizations.
  • AB-2249 - State parks.
  • AB-2251 - Student loan servicers: licensing and regulation: Student Loan Servicing Act.
  • AB-2252 - Elections: remote accessible vote by mail systems.
  • AB-2254 - Armories: homeless shelter.
  • AB-2257 - Local agency meetings: agenda: online posting.

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